Pazar // Shuk

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The Journey Through the Markets of Istanbul and Tel Aviv

Both the Turkish pazar and Hebrew shuk are words to describe city markets. They are areas designated for trade between merchants, producers, and customers. Economic exchange is the primary purpose of their existence, but they are also theaters of social interactions and hubs for networking. Basic "buying-selling" actions are fundamental to market exchange, but the repertoire of behaviors, choreographies, and relationships between buyers and sellers make the social experience of marketplaces more valuable.  For us, pazar and shuk are not only the assemblage of people for trading goods. They bring real humans together and create opportunities to be part of a genuine community that cannot be replaced by anything else.

Pazar // Shuk project by Kornelia Binicewicz & Italo Rondinella

Executive producer: Elazar Zinvel

Design and publishing house: Paper Street Co.

A photo book, e-book and a multimedia website.

Launch - June 2022

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