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The Journey Through the Markets of Istanbul and Tel Aviv

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Pazar // Shuk
The journey through the markets of Istanbul and Tel Aviv

The book by Kornelia Binicewicz and Italo Rondinella is an unusual in-depth journey into the world of marketplaces in Istanbul and Tel Aviv.

The authors invite the readers to discover the multi-layered phenomena of the two cities with fascinating people involved in the culture of local markets as storytellers - Musa Dağdeviren (chef and owner of Çiya Sofrası), Aret Silahlı (owner of Aret’in Yeri), David Kishka (the Chairman of Israeli Association for Culinary Culture), Sherry Ansky (a food journalist and an owner of Sherry Herring in Tel Aviv), Avivit Priel Avihai (a chef and owner of Ouzeria in Tel Aviv) as well as various sellers and producers from the markets in Istanbul and Tel Aviv. The book presents the universe of pazar and shuk in a fresh and creative way with brilliant photography and engaging writing. “Pazar // Shuk tells the story of marketplaces in Istanbul and Tel Aviv from a fresh and different angle. Every pazar in Istanbul and shuk in Tel Aviv is the first and foremost meeting point of people, a place of cultural negotiations, and a venue for establishing new collaborations. They are spots where society can exercise historical and demographic remembrance, rework its pluralism, and comprehend its diversity. They are also spaces of urban exploration for the recognition of the inevitable changes in the city's fabric. Marketplaces have a unique capability to bring diverse groups of people together.”

The markets of Istanbul and Tel Aviv fulfill the various needs of many people. They provide citizens with affordable and fresh products, minorities with their regional food and goods, chefs and foodies with inspirations and culinary know-how, and tourists with genuine tastes.

Pazar // Shuk is a collection of stories, essays, and street photography spiced with a solid dose of recipes coming straight from the local markets. It skillfully brings together the two cities and their people.

The project was commissioned by The Consulate General of Israel in Istanbul with the support of FOODISH by ANU Museum in Tel Aviv and created in collaboration with Paper Street Co.

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Imprint: Paper Street Co.

On sale: June 23, 2022

Pages: 206
ISBN: 9786057056931

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